Winter 2019 -Spring 2020 Publications

‘Sleep Talk’- Montana Mouthful- Literary Magazine- February 10th 2020

‘Rose Delusions’- Straylight literary arts magazine- spring 2020 (In Print)

‘A Dream’- Issue 003: DREAMS: THE THINGS THAT MAKE US- Sumou Literary Magazine- March 8th 2020

‘Disruption’- Sociologisch Epicentrum Competition (Sociology association at University of Amsterdam)- April 4th 2020 (Instagram)

‘Suburban Truths’-Spring 2020 Issue-Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal (PG 115)

‘Masculinity’- The Mark Literary Review- May 8th 2020

‘Brick Red Depravity; Outlands’- Kreaxxxion Review (May 24th 2020)

 ‘An Endearing Memory’- Perhappened Literary Magazine- June 6th 2020

‘The Desk’- The Honey Mag- June 15th 2020

‘Youth’ The Showbear Family Circus- 18th June 2020

‘Politics’ The Showbear Family Circus 19th June 2020

‘Destruction’ The Showbear Family Circus 22nd June 2020

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