2022-2023 Publications

‘Passive Manipulation; Waves’ Fevers of the Mind Wolfpack Contributor 5th April 2022

‘Getaways’ Nymphs May 6th 2022 Online


‘Nutritional Perversion’ Dillydoun Review Issue 16, May 10th 2022 Online

‘Malaise of the Suffering’ Fevers of the Mind Wolfpack Contributor May13th 2022 Online

‘Commonalities; Possessions; Mom’s Cranberry Cake’ Crown and Pen Zine Issue 7 Online June 2022


‘Dusk’ & ‘Renouncement’ Livina Press Issue 1 June 17th 2022 Online

‘Slumber; Demonstrative Demands’ Journal of Erato Issue 1 July 2022 Online

‘Tenderness’ Variety Pack Issue 8 July 2022 Online

‘Contact; Ascription’ Fevers of the mind Wolfpack Contrubutor July 15th 2022 Online


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